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It Drives Me Mad

“I didn’t want to give you the one last part of myself that I couldn’t take back.  And then you were gone… And I realized it was already yours.  It had been since the beginning.  Except that I hadn’t told you.  It drives me mad, the thought that you may never know.”

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I Was Young and Time Was On My Side

I need a guiding light, To shine on my darkest days, I was young, and time was on my side, But like a fool I let it slip away, And now those days are gone. And I am lost, Living inside myself, Living inside this shell, Living outside your love, I am lost, Somewhere inside […]

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Do You Think of Me?

Do you think of me from time to time? Do you turn when you believe you have heard my voice, Do you gaze a little harder when you glimpse my form in a crowd. Do you think of me? Everyday that passes has at least one thought of you in it, I hear your voice […]

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Things would be okay

I feel you with me where ever I go. From a fluttering butterfly, to the winds that blow. I felt you with me today and I knew that things would be okay.

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The storm came

Children played here, there was love in this house.  Generations of joy, smiles, pain, life. The storm came, now it is abandoned, damaged, over grown, broke.

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